Another ferry flight successfully completed, this time from Sweden to Kenya!

After 8 days and passing through 9 countries including Egypt and Sudan, our ferry pilot and the aircraft owner arrived in Nairobi Wilson Airport (HKNW) where the aeroplane will be based. On the way, the weather was fantastic and many important sites were overflown, including the Pyramids! At every stop, our pre-organised and transported avgas was waiting for us. The owner was very happy about our service and is planning to ask our help, and Tripfixx, in order to complete a record-breaking round-the-world tour next year.

Prepare2go is a recognized leader in the export and ferry of new and pre-owned general aviation aircraft all over the world. Prepare2go offers you a single source for ferrying your aircraft from it's point of origin to anywhere in the world.

We are constantly facilitating aircraft ferrying all over the world. If you have an aircraft that needs relocating then please get in touch.

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Prepare2go is made up of a can-do, enthusiastic team who between them manage a multitude of skills and languages (and come from all over the globe). We’re able to allocate exactly the right person to your project to make it work as enjoyably/ smoothly as possible.

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