Since 2004 we have been supporting a number of rally organisers, in both Africa and Asia. Providing the logistics support for events involving up to 500 people requires a capable and efficient partner – and that’s where we excel.

We also offer a bespoke 'Treasure Hunt' service - you name the location and we create a fun set of games and challenges for your colleagues or friends. Either with our on-side support or completely independent.

Touareg Trail

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Running now for eight years, supporting both ground and air logistics to these renowned rallies.

London-Cape Town

We were asked to provide the rally organiser a ‘turn-key’ rally route for this particularly difficult route. The task was achieved effectively and within budget.


We have supported both vehicle, camel and horseback expeditions/ rallies in Jordan – a fantastic way to see this beautiful country.


We were asked to put together a ‘serious’ team-building trip to Mongolia..


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If you have a dream or have an existing rally/event already in mind and you are looking to relocate to a more exotic (difficult) location – let us know. Within a few hours we will be able to remove most of the unknowns, presenting you with a road-map of how to achieve your aim much more easily than you thought possible.


Prepare2go is made up of a can-do, enthusiastic team who between them manage a multitude of skills and languages (and come from all over the globe). We’re able to allocate exactly the right person to your project to make it work as enjoyably/ smoothly as possible.

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