The Tripfixx service is based upon three components and you, the client, can choose which components you want to use or combine.


1. Tracking

We use the Iridium satellite network (fully global from pole to pole) to track you or your teams, movements as often or little as you like (from every minute, to user-activated). The position reports are then uploaded in real time to your own map site (both street map and topographical). This data can also be extracted/linked to your own software or website as required. The hardware is about the size of a large (and old) mobile phone, weighs 300g and the battery lasts up to a year on a single charge (dependant user demands).


2. Messaging

Using the same network you can both send and receive text messages (with position data included automatically). In the unlikely event you are underground or deep in a building the messages will wait until the connection returns and will then be sent automatically. This communication system is considerably more reliable and easier (and cheaper) than attempting voice calls. Additionally there is a distress button which immediately alerts all designated recipients (by both email and text message) with your location – greatly accelerating the Search and Rescue process (and almost eliminating the time-consuming ‘Search’ phase).


3. 24/7 Operations Room Support

We have a 24/7 operations room combined with pre-approved partners in almost every country on earth. Our ability to problem solve is second to none – big enough to manage, small enough to care.


Primary users are

  • Pilots
  • Sailors
  • NGO staff
  • Survey and offshore personnel
  • Businesspeople heading for ‘hostile’ environments
  • Expedition leaders and members (offroad travel, kayaking, in the mountains, jungle etc.)
  • Competition organisers to monitor both race support and competitors
  • Fleet managers for monitoring vehicle/personnel progress


Tripfixx provides extremely affordable access to items such as

  • Emergency notification and response (leading to rescue where required)
  • Keeping friends, family and work informed on progress
  • Passing messages of personal importance
  • Receiving updated weather or relevant news
  • Booking/cancelling/changing transport and accommodation requirements
  • Internet, phone and fax (via your own office or through the Tripfixx Operations Room)


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