Our fixer in Tunisia supported the research for a client's studies on the Ben Ali regime and the Arab Spring. Him and the client were interviewing people who were either connected to or with extensive knowledge of the regime.

They met with political analysts, bloggers, businessmen, the head of Human Rights Watch of Tunisia Office, the chief and president of a project from a watchdog, a member from the political bureau of Ennahdha and journalists and experts in media reforms.

"Trip to Tunis went really well thanks. The fixer’s work was excellent and he put me in contact with a range of people. His organisation was great and his help in getting around Tunis and dealing with translation issues was helpful as well. On top of that he’s a real nice guy and easy to work with."



Prepare2go is made up of a can-do, enthusiastic team who between them manage a multitude of skills and languages (and come from all over the globe). We’re able to allocate exactly the right person to your project to make it work as enjoyably/ smoothly as possible.

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