After some rest in the morning, we had a single leg flight to Ghana's capital to meet the client.

Long sea crossing today. After a 4:30 flight, we reached the Portuguese Island with beautiful red cliffs (see picture). After a short stop for fuel and paperwork we continued to Tenerife, where we landed in the late evening.

We had a very long first day, flying across the entire Canadian territory from west to east. You can see a picture of Montreal city as seen during take off from P.E.Trudeau International Airport.

The Prepare2go team will depart tomorrow evening to Calgary for a ferry flight that will start on the 23rd of september and will last 4 days.

The crew will fly about 9000Nm and will pass through the Azores, Canary Islands, Mali, Ghana, Angola and Botswana before ending up in Johannesburg.

Due to poor weather north, we decided to head south with our helicopters. The weather was still not great, but manageable for the most part. We spent some time flying around Mont Blanc, and exploring various Altisurfaces – a lot of fun. The return north was via Lake Geneva (Leman) backlit with a beautiful sunset. Lots of hotels with heliports, and the occasional castle and wild camp spot – a lot of fun.

Earlier this year we worked on a film shoot for the Australian TV company SBS Network to produce an interesting report about Euthanasia in Belgium. "A woman I have come to know and like has invited me to share and document the final moments of her life", writes foreign correspondent Brett Mason about his story on euthanasia for Dateline.

For a documentary in Azerbaijan and Georgia we provide filming permits, transport, guide, local fixer, accommodation and catering.

Looking for similar services in those two countries or somewhere else in the world? We can help you! Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

15 days to the departure of our clients for a ferry flight from Belgium to Thailand with our Tripfixx service on board.

What is Tripfixx? Please go to our Tripfixx page.

We had a request for a lighting cameraman to film for two days in Kenya.

In addition to that we were asked to provide camera & tripod, lighting equipment suitable for indoor interviews and sound equipment for interviews (radio mics and stick mic with boom and mic stand). Together with our fixer in Kenya we could send a detailed quote based on this information and also provided details of the camera that will be supplied.

Looking for a similar service? Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Our ferry pilot just completed an amazing flight in 7 days from Sweden to Ethiopia, with a final landing at 7600' amsl. Keeping the engine leaned for landing is not in the POH!


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