We invited our clients (some are friends by now), who already did one or many more trips with us, for a lunch at Chateau Monhoudou (85nm WSW of Paris, 15nm SE of Alencon LFOF, with its own 700m airstrip) and were very happy that almost 50 people showed up. The weather was perfect, the lunch delicious and we hope that everyone enjoyed the weekend in the North of France.

Seven days, four countries, NO taxis! Awesome – check out the film here.


To film some interviews at a company in Minsk a client of ours asked us for their support to rent camera and lights. As the film director and cameraman arrived in Minsk they met our partner in Belarus who gave them the equipment, which they required.


Our local English/Arabic speaking fixer supported a corporate filming project taking place in Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia. He arranged:

We just finished a recording of a voiceover in the Republic of Congo for a commercial. Worldwide rights were purchased, and the advertisement has since been aired in several countries.


For a shooting in Istanbul, Turkey, we organized 20-30 pieces of coca fruit. Shipped fast (within 72 hours from tree to filmset!) from Ecuador – an exercise in fine-tuned logistics (every connection had to be made!).



Prepare2go is made up of a can-do, enthusiastic team who between them manage a multitude of skills and languages (and come from all over the globe). We’re able to allocate exactly the right person to your project to make it work as enjoyably/ smoothly as possible.

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