Just finished a live shoot of a doctor who resides in Leuven, Belgium. The shoot was of a doctor who will be a key speaker at a symposium in Barcelona, Spain. The aim was to produce some 30-second videos of the doctor promoting the symposium. The final videos will live on a microsite for the conference.


After a short stop at Kilimanjaro airport, the group landed today on a private strip and is enjoying a 2 days safari in luxury tented camps located very close to animals. 

After good progress across Africa, we deserved a free day to visit Khartoum and the meeting point of the White and Blue Niles.

Tomorrow we take off from Heraklion and fly south following the Nile towards Aswan. The day after we plan to fly over some magnificent temples in Sudan and then we fly further and further...

Supporting a documentary in Pakistan with rental equipment (drone, cams, lenses, lightning and others).


Our fixer in Tunisia supported the research for a client's studies on the Ben Ali regime and the Arab Spring. Him and the client were interviewing people who were either connected to or with extensive knowledge of the regime.

They met with political analysts, bloggers, businessmen, the head of Human Rights Watch of Tunisia Office, the chief and president of a project from a watchdog, a member from the political bureau of Ennahdha and journalists and experts in media reforms.

We organised this event for a group of six, discovering Mongolia from the city of Ulaan bataar, to the Gobi and then into the highlands. The team enjoyed (endured?) 40+ in the sand of the Gobi, and -25 in the deep snow of the mountains. Everyone came back exhausted but ecstatic! 

We supported a 3 day broadcast shoot for Mediacorp (the largest and sole terrestrial broadcaster in Singapore) who are producing a 12-part TV arts infotainment series.

Everyone is ready to go! After our arrival in Wick we will fly on via the Faroe Islands and Iceland to Greenland.

And we did it... We reached Oshkosh Air Venture and are celebrating this achievement with other pilots from all over the world.

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